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  • I fix
    • PCs with XP, Vista, Windows 7 PCs
    • home network issues
    • Viruses, Trojan Horses & Spyware issues
  • I teach, answer questions & provide topical training
  • I know Macs too.
  • I'll come to you.
  • 25% off for Seniors & Teachers
  • I charge $60 per hour

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I shoot huge raw files.

If You buy the photos and your pictures won't have the watermark or you can take the tiny 900 x 600 pixel files you see here.

I am reasonably sure we can agree on good price for a few pictures. :)

Legal stuff:

I work hard making these pictures. It requires a fast computer, a pile of huge disk drives, expensive cameras and lens, lots of memory cards, Photoshop software and maintenance for all of the gadgets. Please buy a copy if something catches your eye.

All image usage is prohibited without the photographer's written permisson. All rights for these images are reserved by the photographer, usually Steven Paul Harris. I can be reached by phone at 831.818.5716.

Mark Merrill takes a wild ride in his 1958 Fiat 500.


I own all copyrights to the photos you see here except those photos which belong to my classmates. Your usage of this site consitutes agreement to my terms and conditions. The site does not allow commercial usage of images without licensing. Limited usage licenses are available for a reasonable fee. No derivative works allowed without prior licensing. Your cooperation is expected. Contact Steve >

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